Goodness is the only investment which never fails.

Henry David Thoreau

Even helping others is not easy nowadays when so many resources are needed! Training to become more competent, bigger spaces to bring people together safely, professional advice to manage the life of your association are all necessary. Purchasing them all can be unaffordable for many. Unless you change the system. This is why the collaborative platform was born: it’s the sharing economy applied to the voluntary sector.

Thanks to, associations and volunteers can exchange spaces, equipment, training courses and professional advice with each other for free. This is a virtuous circle that uses resources in a sustainable way and multiplies their positive impact on the community. In Gluo’s world one is not worth one, if shared it is worth 10! And it can also be worth 100 or 1000, it just depends on how many times something is shared!

Anyway, the platform is not meant only for associations and volunteers. Every company, institution and activity can help by sharing for free something others might need. Because goodness is the only investment which never fails.
Join Gluo, and discover in how many ways you can be useful to volunteering, unleashing your potential!